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Le Restaurant
La Carte

A family story , a father - daughter duo that comes to life between Paris and Beirut. Behind the doors of 74 rue de la Croix Nivert a House is born.


Inspired by the Lebanese culture , Cherine has managed to divert this space by tucking the light and playing on transparencies , allowing free expression of raw materials such as metal and stone .


In this modern decor in warm shades of gold and copper - reminiscent of a sunset - The scents of the dishes signed by the chef's creativity take you through the historic streets of Beirut.


The Menu is an invitation to a journey that will show you the way to Lebanon.

Père et Fille

Welcome Home,

A place where I want to share with you the love I have for my father, a chef who treats us with his dishes for over 35 years. I am proud to open the doors of our new house for you to discover our full of rich culture.


You will be travelling through my childhood, my souvenirs and our country by heart.


Behind the kitchen door, my father works with passion, and uses only home-made products, in accordance with the Lebanese traditions. It is in this warm and friendly atmosphere that you will exalt your senses and awaken your taste buds.

Le Cherine
Le Cherine
Le Cherine
Le Cherine
Le Cherine
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